Company History

1958Paul Hardy, Estimator at G. Gagnon Ltée Contractor
1960Robert Hardy set foot in 4 years of age on the foundation of the new Building company G. Gagnon Ltd. Lafrenaie Street, St. Leonard, with its Father Paul Hardy
1967Paul Hardy became the Vice President of Gagnon Masonry, which will become because of the law 101, Masonry Gagnon
1975April 1, the beginning of the career of Robert Hardy, as a day with bricklayer, Mr Raymond Perron
1977Help to starting Raymond Perron Enr. Company. Mason contractor
1975-1978Plan reading training and Estimation
1979Junior Estimator in Masonry Gagnon, following the service offer of Mr. Bertrand Gagnon, a former associate of his late father
1982Following the departure of the project manager, Robert will head the department estimating and project management
1984Following the will of the owners to retire, Masonry Gagnon (Montreal) Inc. was formed in partnership with the son of the owner, a owner and Robert Hardy.
1993The company's vision is different between the partners, there is division and Robert leaves the firm
1994A place of Director of Operations is offered in Rainville & Frère. Upon his arrival, the annual volume of the company is between 800,000 $ and 1,200,000.00$
1997Leaves the firm Rainville & Frères, after only nine months of action in the year, billing was over than 3,100,000.00$
1998Foundation of Robert Hardy Inc., which Lafrenaie pinion on street near the old building Masonry Gagnon,
2013October 2013 groundbreaking ceremony of Robert Hardy Inc building, street Bernard Lefebvre, Laval
2014March 21, 2014, the official move to the new premises of Robert Hardy Inc.